Alpha Levo IQ Review | Nootropic or Placebo?

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On the list of best nootropics is Alpha Levo IQ is a cutting-edge advancement in maximizing cognitive function. It merges the potential of four exclusive brain heightening elements into one easily ingested capsule. Each part of Alpha Levo IQ’s proprietary combination has been meticulously chosen and diligently tested to produce “limitless” results (like what I did there?). Alpha Levo IQ is intended explicitly to help you find your mind’s maximum potential.

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Everyone wants to reach their potential. It is said that we only use 10% of our brains. While I don’t necessarily believe that is true, I do know that it is possible to maximize more of what we do use and that is what I mean about maximizing our potential. That was how I looked at nootropics. If there was a sliver of a chance that I could get a tiny bit more out of what I was given, then it was worth a shot to me.

So What Does Alpha Levo IQ Do?

There are four main effects that you get from Alpha Levo IQ. It claims to be able to make you think “lighting fast and crystal clear.” As specified by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., one of the main components “…is reported to protect neurons and improve signal transmission.” This means that you are able to think on your feet. Make quicker, more concise decisions on the fly. This is great for people involved in athletics. It’s one of my favorite effects of nootropics for me. I feel like I’m a split second faster to the ball and able to have a quicker, decisive reaction, which can make all the difference in the world during a competition.

Another benefit to Alpha Levo IQ is that it helps you “stay relaxed and focused under pressure.” Now I don’t know whether it’s a placebo effect or whether it is real, but when I take this stuff, I am able to stay cool, calm and collected. I feel like I don’t just spout off with the first thing that comes to mind (which can be a problem for me). I am able to process my thoughts in a nanosecond before blurting something out. I also feel more relaxed on the court. I am typically one that gets extremely anxious and needs to get into the game a little bit before I calm down. Not the case with this. I am able to keep myself relaxed and not have that nervous tension that I typically have when I’m not taking it.

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One of my favorite benefits to any nootropic, and definitely  Alpha Levo IQ, is that it helps “boost your memory and absorb new info like a sponge.” Now my wife tells me I suffer from something called “selective memory.” Something about choosing what I hear and remember or something like that, I’m not really sure, I wasn’t paying attention. but I do know that I definitely get a better grasp and a better ability to recall things. When I’m not taking a nootropic I tend to forget things. Nothing crazy like I’m losing my mind or anything, but let’s face it, when your wife gives you a grocery list and then yells 5 more items as you’re walking out the door, you’re getting set up for failure. Let’s just say I’m able to remember the Swiss Chard and Organic Super Greens blend when I’m on this stuff!

The last benefit that comes with taking Alpha Levo IQ is that you get to “unleash superhuman learning.” Now that sounds fun! Listen, I’m not entirely sure about this one. It’s kind of hard for me to admit that I don’t already know everything, but I do have to say that I am able to focus on an episode of “Ancient Aliens” and tell you with absolute certainty exactly why we were visited in the remote past by extraterrestrial entities. (Joking). But I am able to retain things a lot better. My job is constantly evolving. I work in a field that literally changes every day. So I need something that will help me learn and retain information without having to waste time and go back over everything a million times. This does that for me.

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What’s the Ingredients in Alpha Levo IQ?

There are six main ingredients that are credited for making Alpha Levo IQ one of the best nootropics available. Now unlike other nootropics (like Cogniflex) Alpha Levo IQ gets their benefits without caffeine. According to the MayoClinic Vitamin B6 is something that is connected to the activity of producing serotonin and norepinephrine, which are essential chemicals on the body that dispatch signals to the brain. It’s not hard to see how that ingredient could be a bit of a help!

Vitamin B12 is another ingredient that has a multitude of cognitive benefits. After reading that entire page on Vitamin B12 on US Department of Health & Human Services website (yes, it was as boring as you might think it was, but hey, I’m here to do research for you guys) I was shocked at all of the benefits. I was particularly interested in the line that read “Low vitamin B12 status has also been positively associated with cognitive decline.” If that is true then give me all the B12 I can handle! Another positive benefit of B12 is that it is said to boost mood, energy, and concentration levels. Sounding better and better!

The first paragraph on WebMD’s page about Ginkgo Biloba says all I needed to know about this ingredient. It reads: “For thousands of years, leaves from the Ginkgo biloba tree have been a common treatment in Chinese medicine. In the U.S., many take ginkgo supplements in the belief that they will improve memory and sharpen thinking.” Makes sense to me (for more info read our InteliGEN review page). Next ingredient.

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According The World’s Healthiest Foods website, the Alpha Lavo IQ’s next ingredient, folate, is a game-changer. They say that “researchers have verified a close connection between production of multiple neurotransmitters (with special emphasis on serotonin and dopamine( and the availability of folate.”

Zinc is another ingredient in Alpha Levo IQ that has tremendous effects on the brain. We know that zinc has many health benefits but I was very surprised to learn that (according to “zinc plays a part in modulating the brain and body’s response to stress. There are plenty of food sources that provide zinc with oysters providing more than any other. But I’m not too keen on eating those slugs from the sea, so I will stick with getting my zinc from Alpha Levo IQ!

Huperzia Serrata is an amazing ingredient in a few of my favorite nootropics (see Geniux review), and Alpha Levo IQ is one of them. It is recognized for increasing memory and providing more lucid dreams, which actually enhances the creative process for many people who experience this effect.

So if you are trying to decide which nootropic to take, you really can’t go wrong with Alpha Levo IQ. With its impressive hit list of brain boosting ingredients, it really is a smart pill that works and I can see why they boast that it is a “Genius in a Bottle.”

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