Achieving Your Goals


Simple Steps to Achieving Your Goals

achieve your goals

We all have goals.  But achieving your goals is often a harder task than we realize.  A lot of times you don’t know what to do to achieve your goals.  Without any clear direction, our goals can sometimes get lost in the everyday shuffle of our lives, and we never pick them back up.  Here are a few guidelines to follow when trying to achieve your goals.

achieving your goals

The first thing you need to do when thinking about achieving your goals is write them down.  You’ve heard it before, but the fact is writing your goals down on paper forces you to get clear about what you want.  Do not type it into your computer, physically write it down first.  If you want it on your computer, you can always transfer it afterwards.  This simple step can help implant that goal in your brain.  Write down long term and short term goals.  What you want to accomplish within a year all the way down to the month, week, and day.  And take ACTION towards achieving your goals.  Take baby steps if you need to…but the key is to take constant action.  Nothing gets accomplished without action.  It has been my experience that whatever you look for in life…you will find.  If you look for nothing, then that is what you are going to find.

Another great thing to do about achieving your goals is to tell someone about it.  This creates accountability and it also gives others the chance to motivate and encourage you.  They may even offer some advice on how to achieve your goals.  I have often found that when I keep a goal to myself, I am more apt to let it slip through the cracks, but if I announce my intentions, I feel as though I have to accomplish the feat, no matter how daunting it may seem.  It can also be extremely effective when trying to achieve your goals to team up with someone else as a “success partner.”  They don’t even have to have the same goals as you, but they can be there to keep you accountable as well.  And you can help each other achieve your goals together by bouncing ideas off each other, and motivating and encouraging one another. achieving your goals

These are all great ways to go about achieving your goals, but none of them work if you don’t first make the decision to set goals for yourself.  So make sure you set goals that will drive you to take action.  You are the only thing holding you back from achieving your goals.  Go and get them!




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