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This is a website dedicated to giving people some of the best and most honest reviews on the fitness and nutritional products and supplements that we have personally used.


That's Me With Our Problem Child!I’m Craig Tuttle, an entrepreneur currently living in Rochester, NY. I have been working from home for several years now, concentrating mainly in SEO and ranking websites in the search engines for clients. I got involved in fitness online when I became a Beachbody coach 5 years ago…basically because I wanted a discount on the Shakeology I was already buying anyway! I have been trying fitness products and nutritional supplements ever since. It has become an obsession of mine.

Daddy CraigI’ve always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and love trying new workouts, supplements, and fitness equipment. I work out mostly at home to save time and have become dead-set on building my own home gym. I also have two young kids at home so it is hard to find time to dedicate to my fitness goals as much as I would like, let alone find the time to shop around for cool products. Plus, if I’m being honest, I do still love eating my sweets, my burgers and fries so I need all the help I can get to get rid of my “dad bod”!

Sympathy Weight LossI have found the best way to shop for my fitness and nutritional products is to do it where I can get the most information the fastest – online. The only problem is that with every product that is being reviewed, the goal is most likely to sell that particular product. While I am an entrepreneur and I do link to products from my site, I believe in full transparency. Believe me, I plan on being completely honest and holding nothing back with these reviews. If I think that a product is garbage, I will tell you. I have been fooled into using crap products in the past and it sucks. I refuse to let people down who come to my site for an honest review. I don’t want someone taking something that I know won’t help them with their goals just so I can make a few bucks. I believe in karma and that would just be bad juju!

So please reach out to me if you like my reviews or would like me to take a look at something else. I am always looking to review products and give them the CraigTuttleFitness.com Stamp of Approval! I’d like to get the site to a point where major advertisers come in and help offset my time costs of making all these videos and writing all of this content