Become a Beachbody Coach

Become a Beachbody Coach

  Become a Beachbody Coach I have gotten a ton of questions lately from people wanting to become a Beachbody Coach.  While I do think it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me personally, I know that it can be a pretty intimidating venture to get started in.  To be completely honest, [...]

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Shakeology Ingredients

DO NOT Buy Shakeology

This article will reveal all there is to know about Shakeology and even tell you how you can qualify for an exclusive discount.  Read this before you order Shakeology!    Why Buy Shakeology? DO NOT buy Shakeology.  Shakeology is a scam.  Shakeology doesn’t work.  Don’t fall for the Shakeology hype.  Have you heard any of [...]

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Shakeology Flavors

Is Shakeology Worth It?

Is Shakeology Worth It? Why Buy Shakeology? DO NOT buy Shakeology.  Shakeology is a scam.  Shakeology doesn’t work.  Don’t fall for the Shakeology hype.  Have you heard any of these statements?  I certainly have.  What would make people say this?  Could these statements really be accurate?  Can something that is so overwhelmingly popular and successful [...]

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Daddy Craig

I Want To Be A Fit Dad

Life has recently blessed my wife and me with a beautiful baby girl. I know it’s cliché and every parent says it…but it truly is the greatest thing to have ever happened to us. Every day is something new with our precious little peanut. I’ve often heard parents talk with such pride about their children. [...]

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Team Beachbody

Do You Really Want To Be Healthier or Are You Saying That?

  It is not always easy to live a healthy lifestyle. Being a fitness coach, I have grown very accustomed to hearing unique versions of why people cannot lead a more healthy, fulfilling life. And to be completely honest…I always thought I was being fed a little dose of BS. I mean, let’s face it…99.9% [...]

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Own Today

Own Today “Your Future Depends Not On What You Have Done. Not On What You Will Do. But Rather On What You Are Doing.” I have to confess…I am guilty as charged when it comes to this one. See, I always had the feeling that I was going to do something great with my life. [...]

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Success Quote

Success Depends On What You’re Willing To Do To Achieve It…

How Bad Do You Want Success? Are You Living The Life That You Are Capable Of Living? – 12/16/13 I want you to take one second to really think about something.  Take just a little time out of your busy day to really dedicate some serious thought to this question. Are you living the life [...]

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Fitness Motivation

I Dare Ya

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Secret To Success


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Shakeology Benefits

Shakeology Benefits

     Shakeology Benefits     See The Top 10 Reasons People Buy Shakeology Here…

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Vanilla Shakeology

Vanilla Shakeology Is Finally Here!!! People have been asking for Vanilla Shakeology for years! I would always get asked why Beachbody hadn’t come out with Vanilla Shakeology yet, when there were so many other companies producing vanilla shakes. Well, unlike other companies, Beachbody absolutely refuses to compromise on quality so it took years of searching [...]

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Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge Day 32

Fitness Challenge Day 32   Updates From My Personal Fitness Challenge This fitness challenge has been amazing. If you haven’t been keeping up…please follow me on YouTube. I am trying to make as many videos as I can during this fitness challenge, and really want to encourage as many people as possible to do a [...]

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Ultimate Fitness Team

Beachbody Coach Enrollment

Your Step By Step Walkthrough For Joining Team Beachbody   STEP-BY-STEP ENROLLING AS A COACH: 1)  Go to 2) Click “Coach” button—then click “Yes! I want to be a Coach” on pop-up screen 3) Fill out Coach Information page, check three boxes at bottom and sign, and click “Continue My Enrollment” button 4) Pick your [...]

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